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Plan workout sessions for students,The only workout app in the world where you can collaborate and share your workouts with others just like you. Through our app, you can plan workout lessons for students anytime, anywhere.


World’s greatest exercise encyclopedia,only takes 5 secs to locate an exercise move,The only app in the world to utilize a directory, history, and search function to locate workouts.


The most intuitive UI
instant logging of your workouts
The most intuitive UI, instant logging of your workouts Powerful, easy, intuitive, after you get a taste of MoHot workout logging app, say goodbye to your paper logs.


Practical graphical data,minimal and clear,All data automatically compiles itself based on daily, weekly, and monthly training volume and calories burnt. Also analyzes any trends in training regions through pie chart and other graphical charts, focusing on the truly useful information.


Reference your friend’s workout logs,never a lonely journey in fitness
Be a part of your friend’s workout lessons. You will be notified once your friend finishes a lesson.


Powerful sharing function,easily repost your workout results to other platforms,Your workout logs can be exported into web version to share to any social media websites or apps, quick and easy.

About Us

The MoHot Fitness Revolution

「Train well, Exercise well, Service well」 is the motto of the fitness industry. MoHot started as a workout logging app. With the help of the internet, we hope to become a platform for trainers and students to collaborate. Trainers can share their routines with other trainers, as well as students, to increase overall quality and service of their workout lessons. MoHot will acquire data from these users and discover more business models in hopes of revolutionizing the whole fitness industry.

We truly appreciate all fitness enthusiasts’ support and recommendation, you guys are the best and we will continue to develop more powerful functions.




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